How do we recap NEO Air 2015

Matt Morin

How do we recap NEO Air 2015?
You let the pictures or the videos speak for themselves…Now the next question you’ll probably ask is where are these pictures/moments being stored, and how do we access them. (Directions shown below.)

Contrary to popular belief, I haven’t forgotten; I’ve just been away from technology for a few days. Primarily being a desk jockey and tech guy now I found I needed to unplug for a bit and I found my way to the woods in northern NH. The snow was still deep and the air crisp. Back at the desk now and work has been moving at light speed. That being said lets get back to the recap.

Each year NEO Air has given me greater and greater sense of community. This years NEO Air was nothing short of amazing. As I think back about how this community started and how it’s growing is nothing short of breath taking. I consider you all family and want to thank you all for making it an experience that will stay with me. You all are amazing people and I am so happy to have you at NEO Air 2015.


Nate Folan

I view NEO as an invitation. I am grateful and fulfilled by YOU, the people who choose to accept the invitation. You chose not only to show up, but to be fully present with yourself, the community, and the space, therefore actualizing the spirit of NEO Air. I hope all of you – each individual person and the collective community – felt heard, seen, and acknowledged.  Below are two poems, one original and one by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. I trust that you’ll interpret them in a way that is helpful to you and others. Let us know where your NEO Air experience and the poems take you or maybe, where you take them. In the words of Seth Godin, “Go. Make something happen.” I’m happy to be and want to be a part of your journey.

Something to think about.

Carry on,


Jeff Frigon

As the last week or so has passed following the close of the third NEO, among other musings, I have found myself humming Bohemian Rhapsody on a regular basis.  I also find myself in the Browne Center during quiet moments, walking through the hallway, now devoid of the crush of people finalizing the workshop grid between sessions, noticing the stark emptiness of the place without 30 jackets and packs hung on pegs and an at least equal number of pairs of boots stuffed under the benches.

I just yesterday stored all of our leftover supplies from the conference in the Meadows (our prop barn named after Dennis Meadows… check him out!) after literally stepping over them for ten days as they blocked the entrance/egress to my cube.  They have now been replaced by boxes full of woodpecker deterrents soon to be installed (we have issues here with the beasties) and much to Tara’s chagrin, my cube maintains its eternal air of barely controlled entropy.  As the physical reminders of the weekend abate (though I managed to abscond with the bottle of Lizano again this year and that will take me another six months to consume), the relational and more “meta” reminders and learnings begin to sink in.

New relationships and renewed friendships become assimilated into the norm (I spoke at length with Michael yesterday about his thoughts on application of empathy and sympathy work), filling out a theory here, adding to a practice there.  I am sure I share with most of you the moments when one thinks one is alone and smiles or laughs out loud at the remembrance of that newly learned twist on an old activity (3D bullring!!! Thanks Jim), a new understanding settling into the Tetris line of our parlance or practice (#hashtagetymology!)  or the memory of the fear and freedom found in sharing a vulnerability with complete strangers, now friends.

Come December when many of us will see one another again at the next NEO, many of these newly formed ideas and practices will feel rounded off, not dull, but well-worn and broken in as they have become our new norm, only to be re-remembered and brought back into the light, seen again in the light of novelty with the once again crowded-with-people kitchen and great room and the telling of a story from (which NEO was that now???), the beat of a drum, the smile of a new friend and colleague.

Until then, “easy come, easy go, little high, little low….”



Genevieve O’Connell

It was wonderful being back at NEO Air with all of you this year. Thank you! I have been struck each time by how close I feel to everyone after NEO Air, even the folks I have just met. I think for me this starts with the shared meal. There is something special about a gift of nourishing food. Each person gave thought to what they cooked or brought. It is a quick way for me to learn something interesting about each person and already begin to feel a connection.


Many of the things I learned in the workshops have stayed present in my thoughts. I am pleased to now know the difference between tweet organized by a twitter handle and a hash tag. We had many pairs of chopsticks left over after a training lunch this week and got curious about a more culinary twist on the pencil game. I can’t wait to get outside to play with the feathered hacky sack! I can still feel the warm exhilaration of an “Ah Ha!” moment of fresh connections as we all gathered around the white board in the great room Saturday morning. The fresh ideas sparked by an unexpected connection or experimenting with a new game are so exciting to me. It was wonderful to reconnect with that joy of learning.


I’m also excited by the relationships, new and renewed, that can be so powerful in a career that one often performs solo. I hope the wonderful idea of a game brainstorming group on the Boston common will come to fruition because I definitely don’t see you all often enough! I was thrilled to have a few NEO Air friends coming out to Hale for our training day and to have more folks in our team benefit from their great breadth of knowledge. I look forward to checking out another round of cocreated music in the quieter season. I can’t wait to see any of you who find your way to AEE next week, where I am sure Games from Jimmy Fallon, like so many topics explored at NEO Air, will go down a storm!


While I learned so much and had great inspiration in each workshop and conversation I enjoyed, I know I could have taken lots away from each that I missed. It is the sweet dilemma of a group that great. I hope you will all join us again in the future to give folks another opportunity to learn with you. I hope you left similarly inspired and connected. I’ll be looking forward to the next time we gather in this community that is so close to my heart!

I miss NEO already!


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Until next time, Be Well.

Matt, Gen, Jeff & Nate.

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